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Membership update

By Randy Kruse, LUTCF on 6/16/20 9:52 PM

I am happy to report that NAIFA-Iowa welcomed more new members in April than the first three months of 2020 combined! This shows how absolutely essential NAIFA
membership is to the long-term success of our industry. Now, more than ever, advisors around the state are stepping up and doing the right thing to support the association that makes sure our industry is safe from bad legislation.

If you are new to NAIFA, thank you for joining us. We are excited to shake your hand and
present you with your NAIFA pin at our next in-person meeting. If you are coming back to NAIFA, we think you will like the changes that have taken place! In addition to our very important advocacy efforts, our members are finding value in the Town Hall meetings on the National level, the bonus Iowa programming at the state level and the promise of affiliate (local level) gatherings when we are able to meet in-person again.

NAIFA also is making it easy for new advisors to join and get the support they
need during their first few years in the business. Did you know that an advisor in
the first year of business can join for just $10/month? A second year advisor can join
for $20 per month, a third advisor can join for $30…and so on until their fifth year,
at which time their rate will adjust to the “rack rate.” NAIFA is about making sure the
people that enter our business are set up for success. Invite a new-to-the-industry
advisor to join us, it will help grow them professionally and our industry as a whole!

In May, we are giving you an extra reason to reach out to potential members. Every
person you report having called and talked to about NAIFA membership earns you $5.
Yes, every person. If they turn you down, we will give you $5. If they say maybe,
we will give you $5. If they join, we will give you $5 + $25, as laid out in the new
Member Incentive Program. You can take all those extra Lincolns and get them paid
to you in a check, put them towards State Convention registration, put them towards
a PAC donation (my personal favorite) and so much more!

What do you say, NAIFA-Iowa? Do you have time to call up a few advisors and tell them how NAIFA has changed your practice? Make sure others know about the work we are doing and invite them to join in! Our industry depends on it.