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As the Board of Directors serving NAIFA-Iowa, we would like to unanimously state for the public record that we are committed to NAIFA Nation and will serve our members' best interests. We undertake our fiduciary duties of overseeing our state chapter association seriously and are good stewards of our chapter's assets whether the resources we oversee are monetary or human capital.
What we value most-and is the key value of NAIFA-is our word. Our reputation, the way that we conduct ourselves, and the way we treat others is the essence of what it means to belong to NAIFA.
We were shocked and dismayed to learn that a small group of New York State members voted to disaffiliate with NAIFA and that this news was made public without the knowledge of the vast majority of members of the chapter-and even many a board member who resigned immediately upon hearing the news.
This move was made by a few of the former chapter directors and Park Strategies association management company without dialog with NAIFA itself or our members in New York. It is not the NAIFA way and we, as representatives of our state chapter, cannot condone such behavior.
Today we will take our own action by voicing the support of NAIFA-Iowa to being a proud state chapter of NAIFA Nation. We stand ready to welcome and provide any support necessary to the new Board of Directors of NAIFA-New York. Together we can take on anything and we will do so as One NAIFA.
We invite all members of NAIFA-Iowa to take to social media today and simply post #NAIFAproud as a public show of commitment to the NAIFA way.